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Astro-Chem Lab, Inc. truck treating division is growing. Our trucks are the most efficient treater trucks in the area. Our drivers are knowledgeable, competent, and committed to servicing your wells in an efficient, safe, and successful manner.

Our fleet currently includes:
3- 40bbls trucks
1- 75bbls truck

Each truck is equipped with chemical pods that allow for 6 different chemicals to be flushed within a closed system. This allows for increased versatility, efficiency and safety as the treatment can be customized to the particular well all while eliminating spill and contact hazards.

Our 40bbls trucks are equipped with triplex pumps for higher pressure wells.

We also offer time-stamp treatment reports for wells treated. This allows our operators to view when each of their wells was treated alongside treatment information.

We have the ability to perform flushes with either produced or fresh water.

Please Contact Us if you have an interest, questions, or would like more information regarding our Truck Treating department.

Treater Truck.jpg
*Example of one of our 40bbls trucks*
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