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  Drilling Services

Cor-Pro Chemical provides the drilling services for Astro-Chem Lab, Inc. Cor-Pro Chemical offers a complete drillpipe/casing protection program for drilling operations which treatments would be applied for the following:
  • Corrosion control
  • Emulsion control
  • Scale prevention / removal
  • Bacteria control
  • Oxygen
  • H2S
  • Carbon dioxide

In addition to chemical treatments, Cor-Pro Chemical also offers a drilling lubrication program.

These lubricants were developed and blended locally, in Williston, ND.  We blend them to withstand the harsh temperatures that this area is known for and to still be effective and efficient for your drilling program.

Both our chemical and lubrication programs can be applied using our continuous injection units. These units pump both chemical and lubricant directly into the suction line of your mud system, giving you the most efficient, effective and economical results possible. Chemicals can also be batch treated directly into the system when necessary.

Our products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Other Treatments  offered by Cor-Pro Chemical:
  • Packer Fluids
  • Demulsifiers
  • Floculants
  • Polymer Viscosifiers
  • Polymer Neutralizers
  • Boiler Chemicals
  • Degreasers
  • Methanol
  • Surfactants
If you are currently a client with Astro-Chem Lab, Inc. please feel free to request a client user name and password. This will give you access to our SDS sheets and Product Data Sheets for chemical used on your location. You will also be added to our mailing list and will receive notifications when changes are made at Astro-Chem Lab, Inc.

Please e-mail us at or Contact Us, or any one of our service and sales engineers, for more information about our drilling services
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