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Typical Corrosion Program

Set up chemical injection unit and inject an oxygen passivator compound (CI-4-OX) @ 8 - 12 GPD (Gallons Per Day)

Pre-treat surface mud tank water with 10 gallons SI-101 (SCALE INHIBITOR), 10 gallons CI-103 (CORROSION INHIBITOR), and 5 gallons BACPRO-903 (BACTERIACIDE).

Treat any drilled cement with SAPP and Bicarb - Amount depends on how much there is to drill (product usually supplied by mud company).

Drilling water is sampled and analyzed with scale index computed. Residuals are monitored. Adjustments are made according to conditions and analysis. SRB's are monitored weekly.

Regular daily treatment would be to inject CI-4-OX continuously while drilling. Make 5 gallon additions of SI-101 and CI-103 daily to maintain residuals. Additional BACPRO-903 would be mixed according to SRB monitoring.

Since there is iron being generated all the time, an occasional pail of SI-202-F (IRON SEQUESTER) is added to chealate free iron particles.

When drill pipe is laid down, an atmospheric corrosion inhibitor should be applied.

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